What to say on the phone to potential clients

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phone-consulationSpeaking to potential new clients on the phone can not only be a daunting task, but if you get it wrong it will be the last time you speak to that person, and that’s money slipping through your fingers.

Many of the techniques explained here I have learned from various books on sales techniques and human behaviour, and they really do work to help people get past the psychological barriers they put up, especially when it comes to changing their fitness habits!

I’ve tagged on an enquiry phone script example below that will give you the prompts for what to say to potential clients over the phone.

Use this in conjunction with the Prospect Lead Sheet.  If you roughly follow this in your initial contact with the prospect you will not only get all the information you need from them, but you will also give them all the information that they need, to reassure them of your qualifications & aptitude, and look professional. First impressions count. You don’t want to be stuttering, or have to call them to find out some important information you forgot to ask.

This is your opportunity to get a face-to face meeting with them. The face-to-face is usually where you make the sale! Booking the consultation is key.  After answering all their questions, make sure you use the line “great! Then what we need to do now is schedule an initial consultation, it’s free by the way” and go on to say what it’s for. Reassure them by telling that it’s an opportunity for you both to see if you would be comfortable working with each other, and if not then that’s fine also.

Use the phrase “does that sound ok?” They will be unlikely to say “no” and leads nicely into booking a date and time.

When booking a date, give a couple of options, rather than saying “when is good for you?” This narrows down their choices and makes for an easier decision on their part. It may also be that you’re so full of bookings that you really do only have a couple of optons!

Enquiry phone script

Hi, this is <your name>

Prospect: Hi…I’m looking for a fitness trainer to help me get fit.

I’m a qualified personal trainer, I train clients how to exercise properly, and safely so that they can achieve the results they are looking for.  I’m qualified to supply exercise programmes and work one-on-one with clients. How can I help you?  / What type of training are you looking for?

Prospect: I need to lose weight……

Ok, sure. Before we carry on, can I ask you a few questions to see whether I’m the right trainer for you?

Prospect:  OK

OK, have you ever worked out before?

Prospect: I’ve tried, but I get bored easily, and never have the time.

Where do you live?

Prospect: so and so street

That’s not too far, no problem.  Do you have any workout equipment?

Prospect: no, I don’t have anything.

I have plenty of equipment; I can bring it with me. 

Is there any reason you can think of that might require clearance from a doctor before you start training?

Prospect: no, don’t think so.

OK, that should be fine.  Do you have any more questions or concerns that I haven’t covered so far?

Yes? – answer them. Then ask ‘do you have any other questions?’

NO. – Great, then what we  need to do now is to schedule an initial consultation, it’s free by the way, and it’s a fact finding exercise to make absolutely sure that we’re right for each other, and to discuss your previous medical history, any injuries you might have, your previous exercise experiences, your lifestyle, and your goals.  This will help me get an idea of what you like to do, what exercises you hate, so I know what type of programme to design. It also gives you a chance to get to know me, and to decide if we think we will be comfortable working together.  We will go through the various options I offer and the pricing of those options.

After the initial consultation, if you decide you want to work with me (and it’s fine if you decide you don’t), the first session will be used to assess your current level of fitness.  I’ll use that data and information on your preferences of exercise, time you have available to work out etc. to set the types of exercises, and intensity of your first training programme.  This will also be used to monitor your progress as time goes on so you can see how much improvement you have made.

Does that sound OK?         

Prospect: yes

OK, I do the initial consultation at my house, the reason I do that is so I can immediately see which clients are serious about wanting to get in shape and which ones like the idea of becoming fit, but lack the get up and go to start the initial process. I’m hoping you’re the first type! 🙂

OK then, would Tuesday at 7pm, or Thursday at 8pm be best for you?

Great, let me write down your name, phone number and email address.  I’ll send you a confirmation of the appointment my address, and directions.

I’ll look forward to meeting you Sarah!


I include lots more in the documents and forms pack!

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