What can I do for you? Summarise your services and get the sale!

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clipboardThis single sheet of paper summarises everything you can do for your prospect. Toward the end of your initial consultation, give hand this sheet to your potential client and then talk them through each section slowly so they don’t feel rushed.  Summarise who you are, your philosophy, your prices, how your sessions work, and anything else you feel is important.  This will give the prospect a good all-round idea of what you’re about.

Leave this document with them, so they can look it over in their own time.

Show them your qualifications

Now is the time to wow your prospect with your personal fitness training qualifications, memberships to professional bodies, insurance, first aid training certificates, and recommendations from your other clients. Give your prospect time to look over your certificates, and read your testimonials, without feeling rushed. This is also a good time to show them a copy of a well-respected article on the need to use a qualified personal trainer (You!). I include such an article on how personal trainers should be suitably qualified in the forms and documents pack. This article should back up your own qualifications as evidence that you are suitably qualified for the job.

Next Step: make the sale

Don’t let your prospect get up and leave without agreeing the next step: to book a session with you! This is easy to do without sounding pushy, I just gently lead them into deciding what day of the week would be best for their schedule. It goes something like this:

“Do you have any questions about me or the services that I can offer?”  [Answer question/s]

“OK then, what day of week is best for you? Monday or Wed?”

“OK, I can do 4pm or 7pm, which would you prefer?”

“Great, I look forward to our first meet. This is what I advise wearing for our first session, and this is what you can expect… etc.”

People are often scared to take the first commitment to themselves to get in shape; by leading them into the booking as above it eases that decision for them and will certainly increase your ratio of consultations to actual clients.

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