What are your client’s goals and are they SMART?

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fitness-goalsWhen I sit down with my client to discuss goals I use a goal sheet template. This is my fact finder.

What does your prospect want to achieve. Are their ideas realistic? Why do they want to achieve them. The why is actually the most important: this is the ‘oomph’, their motivation.

“I need to lose 50 pounds so that I can survive long enough to see my kids grow up”

“I need to prove to myself that I CAN compete in a 10K race by completing in <1h:15min.”

This will tell you what types of activities to set your client, how basic or advanced your fitness related language should be, and how motivated they are to achieve their goals.

There’s nothing better than a well motivated client with a clear, realistic idea of what they want to achieve.  Having a wedding dress to fit into, a 10K race, or a beach holiday in 6 months are excellent motivators which you can use to keep your client on track. In fact I now won’t take on a client unless they have a SMART goal; I’ve found that those without goals don’t do themselves or their trainer any favours, and often improvements are minimal without a goal.

Make sure you use the SMART principle in setting goals with your clients. Goals should Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-framed.

If your clients don’t have written goals you should think about introducing them.

In the end, poorly motivated clients that do not have the willpower to succeed only make you look bad! You might decide that they are not the kind of client you want!

Find the goal planning sheet I use with my clients in the forms and templates pack.

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