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Referrals - Hello, My Name isReferrals, or introductions to new potential clients are one of the main ways to gain clients, if not the main way.  Asking for them in the right way makes it far easier on you, your clients, family, and friends.

Ask friends, relatives, clients for referrals

Call up past clients, friends, and relatives and ask if they know anyone who might be interested in “losing weight for the beach” “getting back in to shape after a pregnancy” or for whatever… paint a picture of the type of clients you want to work with.

The key with referrals is to ask for referrals to other people, and not to ask if they personally want your services – this takes the pressure off them and prevents awkwardness. they may just say “hey, yes, me!”, or they may give you 1 or 2 other contacts to try.

When should you ask for a referral?

When is the best time to ask your clients for referrals? Straight after the first or second meeting with your client, right when they’re feeling great about you and great about getting their fitness back on track!

Your Elevator Pitch

When meeting new people, always give your elevator pitch; this is a 10-15 second explanation of what you do and how you can help them. You should have this down pat, it should roll off your tongue and make them remember you:

“Hi my name’s Sarah, I have my own business working in the outdoors with clients to get them ready to hit the beach this summer, flat tummies and toned bodies!” Do you know anyone that might be interested in getting in shape for the summer sun?” .. “here’s a few business cards, feel free to give them to friends at work or home that might be interested in a free consultation to see what I can do for them”.

Now that sounds better than:

“Hi, I’m Jared, I’m a personal trainer, can I give you a business card?”

Wouldn’t you say?!

You could also offer Referral bonuses to anyone who gains you a client; this means you could have a team of people selling your services…almost for free!

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