Increase sign-ups with a clients-only website

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clients-only websiteTry adding a clients-only website area; an exclusive area of your website. You should keep it updated regularly with extra tips and other fitness ideas to keep your clients motivated. If you use WordPress for your website you can easily set ‘secret’ links or password protected pages that only they can see. This will make your clients immediately feel that they’re in the inner-circle and special. This can be really easy to implement and make a more secure way for you to pass information to individual clients also.

For more advanced plugins, you can search for WordPress plugins with the keyword ‘Members Only’, ‘Membership’, or ‘private’ to give you some ideas of where to start.

You may choose to allow anyone visiting your website to sign-up online, thus ensuring a steady stream of website signups and capturing their all-important email addresses. This will enable  you to send out special-offer emails to tempt your sign-ups to become clients! This is a key marketing strategy and I’ll be posting a how-to for online sign-ups to gain new clients in the future.

Clients-Only Access – Actionable Steps:

  1. Create some content for your site that will be clients-only. This could be general piece, or specific content just for them… how about their current fitness progress? Diet ideas? Personalised programme?
  2. Add a password to that content
  3. Advise your clients that they now have clients-only access to some exclusive content you created for them.
  4. Watch their eyes light up.

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