How to show your clients that you care about them

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show-you-careI’ve used many businesses in the past where I have felt like a number to them, just one of the many customers passing through. Have you ever felt like this? Like you just don’t matter to them? That you don’t feel special? Don’t make YOUR clients feel like this about your business.

Even though you don’t want them to feel this way, you may inadvertently be making them feel this way without realising.

How to make your clients feel loved

A very simple example which works wonders and gives your clients the feel-good factor about you and your business is to give your clients a courtesy phone call. When you have new clients, give them a quick courtesy call the day following your first few workouts with them and ask them how they feel. They will feel good in the knowledge that you care about their well-being  and perhaps more importantly, you can use their feedback to plan the intensity of their next workout.

Depending on the client, it can often be a fine line between pushing them hard enough to produce results, and pushing them to the point where they don’t come back! This phone call can prevent losing a client and develop a strong professional relationship with them.

Let your clients know that you may check in on them now and then on a day they’re not working with you; when you call, just say “Hi Sarah, just calling to check in to see how you’re doing after our last workout. How do you feel? What day have you planned to do X,Y, and Z we discussed last session… oh, you’ve already tried it! Great! how was it? Ok, well look forward to seeing you on Thursday morning then, have a nice day!” This can be a great motivator, especially for those clients that tend to make excuses for not following through on your agreements to walk/jog/gym/swim on your off-days. I’ve found several clients that have made comments to the effect that “I’m glad you check up on me, it pushes me not to cheat during the week if I know you might call!”

Make sure you’re calling your clients every now and then to see how they’re getting on. They will love you for it.

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