How to prospect for new clients

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When you think about prospecting for clients, does it make you feel uncomfortable? Do you get knots in your stomach? It doesn’t have to be this way.

If you have a system in place; a series of specific questions and rehearsed phrases, gaining new clients can be easy, and not only that, you can weed out the least compatible prospects so that you gain a cost-effective and long-term partnership that benefits your client just as much as you.

Below is a free prospecting lead template for use when speaking to potential leads on the phone. They may have found your contact phone number via word of mouth, or from your website when they googled ‘personal trainer your-city’… you have a website right? If not read my step-by-step post on how to set one up.

Anyway, use the below template when you take/set up telephone calls for potential clients.

It should be used both as a reminder to ask all the relevant questions needed to qualify the prospect, and a record for use in your first meeting with the prospect.  This will ensure that you are the right trainer for the prospect, and also that the prospect is right for you.

If the prospect fits the bill, set up an initial consultation in person.  This sheet will be a physical record their name/phone number/other details you will need in order to set up/keep in contact with the prospect.

This will also contain information to start the conversation on your first meeting with them. “I remember when we spoke on the phone you said you wanted to lose a little weight off your hips, and that you don’t like gyms… well I think we can do that… and more!” This makes clients feel you remembered every word they said and makes them feel important.

Further uses include: looking back historically to your first conversation with client to see how their initial goals/thoughts about their health/body have changed; putting the used sheet into a ‘follow-up’ file, if they don’t become a client, which you use in several months time to give the prospect another call… maybe they will have different circumstances, better job etc, so can now afford you, or maybe they now want to do a ½ marathon/get a new boy/girlfriend!

Prospect Lead Sheet

Name:                                                            Date:

Phone #:                                                                                      

How can we help you?

How did you hear about us?

Who am I?

(This is the section that sells you)

Example:   I’m a level 3 Advanced Instructor and level 2 Gym Instructor, which means that I’m qualified to write exercise programmes and work one-on-one with clients. I have been in the fitness world for about ___ years, and have been a personal trainer for ___ years.  I currently have ___ clients that I see from 1-3 times per week depending on their goals/time/what they can afford. We do various activities depending on their fitness level/specific goals. These can include walking, running, weight training, or other fitness training using a variety of fitness equipment, to keep our workouts fun and interesting.

Before we go on, can I ask you a few questions to see if I’m the right trainer for you?

l  What area of ________ town do you live?

l  What type of training are you looking for?

l  What would you say your level of fitness was?

l  Is there anything you can think of that would prevent you from starting exercise?

l  Our rates average around £$___, which includes the actual session, behind the scenes analysis of your fitness and continual programme updates as you improve, as much advice as you can squeeze out of us, website access to health and fitness articles and updates

Does that sound OK?

Ok, the next step is to schedule a FREE initial consultation? It will last approximately 40 minutes.

(If yes, list appointment information.)

Address:                                                           Time:

If yes:

Do you have an email address?  I’ll send you the link to our website.

Alternatively: our website is

Do you have my phone number? It’s also on the website.

Follow-up notes: (Send further info, call back later etc…)

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