How to price your Personal Training services?

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat are you offering? Do you have discounts for multiple sessions? Do you do group sessions? Are there any add-on services you can provide such as fitness testing or nutritional advice? Do you know a masseur who you can work with? These will all add value to your business.

Steps to pricing your services:

  1. Market research – what’s out there already? What are your competitors charging? Phone them and ask, look at their website, make sure you’re not pricing yourself out of the market.
  2. Don’t under-charge. If you’re cheap, people will think your services are of poor quality.
  3. Money up front is better for you; offer discounts for package sessions paid for up-front.
  4. Offer extra services: one-off fitness testing, nutrition and lifestyle assessment, exercise programme consultation and design, sports massage and physio (via partner/s if that’s not your field).
  5. Send out promotional emails to your clients (current and past), and anyone signing up to your website mailing list advising of new services or special offers.

If you’re explaining costs to your prospect in an initial consultation you can now ask the prospect if everything looks good to them? “Great… then why don’t you try me out?”  Do they have any questions before they start to fill in the forms?

I include an example package and pricing template in the Personal Trainer Business forms and Templates pack.

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