How to approach your initial consultation

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initial consultationThe initial consultation is a free first-time face-to-face meeting with your potential client. It is usually your one chance opportunity to sell yourself to the client. Get to know the client quickly, ask relevant questions and answer all their questions to the best of your ability. If you satisfy all their concerns they will have little reason not to take you on as their personal trainer.

In my initial consultation I outline exactly what we’re there for “to get to know one-another and to see if what I can offer you fits with what you are looking for, and to see if we would make a good partnership. If I can and we do, that’s great! if not, then that’s also fine.” That sentence usually takes the pressure off and allows them to relax.

I have a laminated card with the things we discuss in the consultation set out in a flow diagram; I hand this to the client at the beginning of the consultation and talk them through the process. This makes them feel in control of the meeting and gives them an understanding of how long it will take. It also answers some of their questions right off the bat, makes me look professional and gives a standardised structure to follow.

The consultation structure page that I use is included in the forms and templates pack.

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