Fitness Assessment Form and Fitness Assessment Report

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Fitness Assessment ReportThe Fitness Assessment Report is one of the main documents to wow your client with. I use mine during the first session with the client to note down their baseline measurements and fitness tests. After the session I type up their result data and email it to them as a colourful PDF. The report always gets a ‘wow!’ from my clients.

This is one of the best documents to wow your client with. Count on referrals via this form.  They will show it to coworkers, family, and friends.

Use the Fitness Assessment Calculator to get the values for your fitness assessments.  At regular intervals (4-6 weeks) retake the Fitness Assessment and create a new Fitness Report (Print in colour!) for their fitness file.

Call your client a day or so later and ask them how they feel after their fitness tests. They will appreciate you checking in on them.

You see, this report is one of the best ways to hook a new client, to give them that extra added value that they weren’t expecting, and keep them motivated and coming back for more.

Tailor your fitness assessment reports to your client

Your fitness report should have diagrams and graphs and tables and results and explanations for every type of fitness test that is relevant to your particular client and their goals, and that’s the key: it has to be relevant to your client. There’s no point testing them to exhaustion on a bleep test if all they want is get in shape for their wedding.

Body Fat/Composition Scales

Fitness Assessment ReportBody fat scales are a particularly excellent addition to your fitness equipment. They will give many different measurements quickly and are non-invasive.

If you buy a decent pair of scales they can have good intra-participant reliability, that is, between different measurements on different days. Body fat scale readings can be affected by hydration levels however, so read up on the most reliable way to use them to maintain a believable reading.

Anyway, I digress… I try to use tools to measure my clients’ statistics that are the least invasive possible, particularly with overweight or female clients.

Sure, the semi-fit guys don’t mind you pinching at them with calipers, but overweight or female clients tend to be more body concious and get uncomfortable when you get out a pair of callipers and start grabbing at their fat! They know they’re fat, that’s why they’ve come to you. Use body fat scales and hope they don’t mind taking off their socks!

Why a fitness assessment report is an excellent marketing ploy

The fitness assessment report gives your client something to compare with future fitness testing sessions (think long-term commitment), to show their friends, and even works as a marketing strategy; they show it to their friends, their friends want their own report and then want to be able to compare themselves to your client; you get a new client!

If you would like a ready-made fitness assessment form and fitness assessment report you can find one in the Personal Trainer Business Forms and Templates pack for you to customise to your needs.

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