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Fitness Assessment CalculatorA fitness assessment calculator can be a great tool to get accurate results and to save you time, especially after a fitness assessment with a client.

Automatic Fitness Assessment Calculations

A fitness calculator will automatically calculate most of the relevant output for your Fitness Assessment Report.

In my calculator that I developed I enter all the client measurements, vital statistics, and training zones and it automatically calculates various values for BMI, waist to height ratio, BMR, estimated calorie intakes dependent on activity levels, training heart rate zones etc. All this useful information is calculated in the time it takes to enter the client’s information.

Baseline Statistics Motivate Clients

Why not use it on your laptop or tablet to work out these critical statistics right in front of your client’s eyes; it certainly takes the pressure off you working these out long-hand whilst they sit there getting impatient! I use this calculator in conjunction with the fitness report that I email out after a client’s fitness test. These give my clients a solid baseline to work from and serves as a reminder and motivation to beat their stats on the next fitness test.

You can find my fitness calculator in the Personal Trainer Business Forms and Templates pack for you to customise to your needs.

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