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Your personal trainer website is vital to your success!

A personal trainer website shows that you’re serious about your profession as a personal trainer. Most people will do a Google search for their town and ‘personal trainer’; make sure you show up the first page of Google for that search.

Why have your own personal trainer website

Your own personal trainer website is a base for your business, contains your all-important contact details, displays your professionalism and has other great benefits:

  • Display your services and special offers
  • Members-only exclusive logon section
  • Display your qualifications and credentials
  • Allow downloads of your signup sheets/policies, saving you time
  • Display your upcoming group session timetables and meeting locations
  • Set up client email subscriptions for top-tips, and motivating mailings
  • Contact all members at once with a single contact list
  • … the list goes on.

How about adding a nutrition section to your personal trainer website with a meal plan menu of healthy meals that your clients can download? Or display fitness equipment from your site to sell to your clients?

Think about new services you look for, car servicing garages, hotels, doctors surgery; I bet you always have a look to see if they have a website with information about what they offer.

Have a look around online, you won’t find many personal trainers with a good website; it’s an easy win for you

How to set up your own personal training website

Give yourself an immediate advantage over the competition in your area!

A website is pretty simple to set up for the first time. Look at WordPress, Weebly or similar for online hosted versions for free to start off with. Otherwise there are companies out there that can set you up with a simple site you can update yourself for around £150-£300.

After your website has been up and running for 6 months or so, you’ll probably see benefits to owning your personalised website name such as, rather than, and also paying to host your site rather than using one of the free services, as you have more options. A website name (domain name) will cost around $10 per year, and website hosting around $10 per month.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me comment below; I promise to answer all questions.

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