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Heart Rate Training Zones Calculator

Use a Heart Rate Training Zones Calculator to estimate your clients’ cardio training zones for use with a heart rate monitor. Heart rate is a fantastic way to monitor your clients’ effort levels and ensure that they’re working at a safe and efficient level for the type of effects they’re looking to achieve in their… Read More »


Referrals, or introductions to new potential clients are one of the main ways to gain clients, if not the main way.  Asking for them in the right way makes it far easier on you, your clients, family, and friends. Ask friends, relatives, clients for referrals Call up past clients, friends, and relatives and ask if… Read More »

Fitness Assessment Calculator

A fitness assessment calculator can be a great tool to get accurate results and to save you time, especially after a fitness assessment with a client. Automatic Fitness Assessment Calculations A fitness calculator will automatically calculate most of the relevant output for your Fitness Assessment Report. In my calculator that I developed I enter all the client… Read More »

RPE Chart

An RPE Chart is a way for clients to express how hard they feel they’re working. For someone who is new to exercise it’s often difficult for them to understand how hard they are working. You will often be able to get a good estimate from their breathing rate, their talking, and their sweating how… Read More »

Fitness Assessment Form and Fitness Assessment Report

The Fitness Assessment Report is one of the main documents to wow your client with. I use mine during the first session with the client to note down their baseline measurements and fitness tests. After the session I type up their result data and email it to them as a colourful PDF. The report always gets… Read More »

Diet Diary

Give your clients a Diet Diary. I don’t need to tell you that for most clients, weight is a key metric that they want to reduce. As 80% of weight loss can be due to diet changes ask the client to give you a detailed account of their food and drink intake for a week following… Read More »

Informed Consent Waiver

In essence, the Informed Consent Waiver template is one of the most important documents that you should put in front of your clients. It ensures that your client: understands what they’re getting themselves into, understands that injuries do happen regardless of steps taken to reduce the likelihood of injury has no known medical conditions that would prevent… Read More »

Disclosure Agreement

A disclosure agreement is an agreement with your client that states that they are happy for you to keep hold of their personal data, and that it will be kept confidential. This includes keeping it in a safe place and not keeping hold of more data than is absolutely necessary for you to get the… Read More »

Payment Agreement

A Payment Agreement will explain to your client how and when payments are due and how long sessions purchased in advance will be valid for. No-one likes to ask for money, so a payment agreement makes it clear from the outset when payment is due. I ensure that sessions are paid for one session in… Read More »

Refund Agreement

A Refund Agreement may save your bacon; you may be put in the situation where a client argues that they haven’t seen an improvement in their fitness/weight/abs etc (regardless of whether or not they have been following your advice!) and therefore you should refund them the cost of their last 6 weeks working with you. You can… Read More »

Late, no-show, and cancellation agreement

Some clients will take advantage of you, they will cancel appointments 10 mins before they are due to start, they will be late, or they will simply ‘forget’ and not turn up to your session, or not be at home when you arrive. This is not so much of an issue for group sessions, where… Read More »

Commitment and attitude agreement

Your clients should understand that they are making a commitment, not only to themselves but also to you, to work hard and make every effort to help themselves achieve something worthwhile; it is not sufficient for them to simply attend sessions with you, but that they must make a conscious effort to try their best at every session.… Read More »

Lifestyle Questionnaire

The lifestyle questionnaire is where you find out about your client’s current lifestyle, their habits, food preferences, body image, and generally how healthy/unhealthy their current lifestyle is. Encourage them to be as honest as possible. The answers to these questions will give you an idea of where to start with their fitness programme, and their diet.… Read More »


The Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire or PAR-Q is a vital document to ascertain whether your client is fit to undertake physical activity. The de facto standard was produced by the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology and has been around for many many  years. As a qualified trainer you most likely already have a copy. I read recently that… Read More »

Referral bonuses for finding new clients

Whether you’re just starting out and building up your client list, or expanding your business, referral bonuses can be a great way to increase your client base. If you’re doing a great job for your clients and they are seeing improvements in their fitness, they’re likely receiving compliments. When asked how they “look so good” they are probably referring their friends… Read More »

What is an acceptable level of personal information to ask for?

Your client’s personal information is needed so that you can contact them to send information, updates via social media, add them to your mailing list etc. This may include: Name Address Phone number and preference of contact times email address Next of kin name and contact This information should also contain their next of kin and… Read More »

How to price your Personal Training services?

What are you offering? Do you have discounts for multiple sessions? Do you do group sessions? Are there any add-on services you can provide such as fitness testing or nutritional advice? Do you know a masseur who you can work with? These will all add value to your business. Steps to pricing your services: Market… Read More »

What can I do for you? Summarise your services and get the sale!

This single sheet of paper summarises everything you can do for your prospect. Toward the end of your initial consultation, give hand this sheet to your potential client and then talk them through each section slowly so they don’t feel rushed.  Summarise who you are, your philosophy, your prices, how your sessions work, and anything… Read More »

What are your client’s goals and are they SMART?

When I sit down with my client to discuss goals I use a goal sheet template. This is my fact finder. What does your prospect want to achieve. Are their ideas realistic? Why do they want to achieve them. The why is actually the most important: this is the ‘oomph’, their motivation. “I need to… Read More »

How to approach your initial consultation

The initial consultation is a free first-time face-to-face meeting with your potential client. It is usually your one chance opportunity to sell yourself to the client. Get to know the client quickly, ask relevant questions and answer all their questions to the best of your ability. If you satisfy all their concerns they will have… Read More »

What questions do new clients ask?

Potential clients will ask all sorts of difficult questions in your first consultation. Make sure that you have prepared a list of the common questions and your answers to these questions. You should make sure that you have rehearsed your answers to those questions so that you come across as confident and professional when they are asked.… Read More »

What to say on the phone to potential clients

Speaking to potential new clients on the phone can not only be a daunting task, but if you get it wrong it will be the last time you speak to that person, and that’s money slipping through your fingers. Many of the techniques explained here I have learned from various books on sales techniques and… Read More »

How to prospect for new clients

When you think about prospecting for clients, does it make you feel uncomfortable? Do you get knots in your stomach? It doesn’t have to be this way. If you have a system in place; a series of specific questions and rehearsed phrases, gaining new clients can be easy, and not only that, you can weed… Read More »

Increase sign-ups with a clients-only website

Try adding a clients-only website area; an exclusive area of your website. You should keep it updated regularly with extra tips and other fitness ideas to keep your clients motivated. If you use WordPress for your website you can easily set ‘secret’ links or password protected pages that only they can see. This will make your clients immediately feel that they’re in the… Read More »

How to show your clients that you care about them

I’ve used many businesses in the past where I have felt like a number to them, just one of the many customers passing through. Have you ever felt like this? Like you just don’t matter to them? That you don’t feel special? Don’t make YOUR clients feel like this about your business. Even though you… Read More »

Build your own personal trainer website

Your personal trainer website is vital to your success! A personal trainer website shows that you’re serious about your profession as a personal trainer. Most people will do a Google search for their town and ‘personal trainer’; make sure you show up the first page of Google for that search. Why have your own personal… Read More »