Tim is an expert in his field; he has a First Class degree in Sport and Exercise Science, holds a Post Graduate Certificate of Education, is a Certified Gym Instructor, Certified Personal Trainer, Physical Education Teacher, and has been in the fitness industry for over 10 years…He definitely knows the business of Personal Training, and how to get the most out of marketing your business, without paying a fortune for it.

Tim has always loved sport and fitness and competed in school and college at a high level. He began his career in fitness at college (final years of highschool in the UK). He came top in his A-Level theory/practical Physical Education qualification and went on to again come top in his class gaining a 1st Class Honours degree in Sport and Exercise Science at university, completing a Certified Gym Instructor course whilst there.

Since then he has instructed in the UK and USA, qualified and worked as a highschool Physical Education Teacher for five years, specialising in health and fitness training. He qualified as a Certified Personal Trainer and began working on his own business, which has given him the most satisfaction of all.

He has developed these documents from his work as a personal trainer, gathering information and adapting it to his needs. He and I use them every day.

He has received great feedback from trainers who also use his documents, and I wouldn’t be able to do the work I do without them. They have been key to the success of my business, I’m confident you will find them a great addition to your business too.

Nick Dunn – Fellow personal trainer, and triathlon champion.

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      Absolutely Chris, all aspects of the forms are customizable as any Microsoft Office document is, you can add or remove as desired.


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