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If you need Personal Trainer forms to give you a more professional appearance, kickstart your business or increase your training income then you’re in the right place. Work smarter, don’t redesign the wheel; use these tried and tested forms (and techniques) to increase your income!


tickAre you a Personal Trainer, Fitness Trainer or Athletic Trainer?
tickDo you hate the paperwork side of running your fitness business?
tickAre you frustrated at not having the right forms at your fingertips?
tickOr maybe you’re starting a personal training business and feel at a loss for where to begin?
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Don’t know how to market your personal training business?

There’s no need to fear the business and marketing of your personal training business any more!
You’re probably feeling a bit like I did years ago; I had the physical side of training clients sorted, I could work reps and sets, talk BMI and anaerobic thresholds all day long… But when it came to the business end: money, recording client progress, making fitness reports, marketing myself to potential clients, I felt weak and sick to the stomach. I was confused and overwhelmed with the information out there; what templates did I need? What information was relevant to me and my clients? Did I need one of these, or two of those? When and how often should I be doing this or that?  My approach was also weak, and looked unprofessional; I just didn’t have the time or desire to get my business together. The next session, or other commitments would get in the way, and I’d roll into the next day doing exactly what I had done the day before. Don’t let this be you! The personal trainer business forms and guide will hold your hand in setting up a system to get the most out of your business.

Absolutely brilliant forms. There are so many and everything you could want. Getting these forms has honestly saved me weeks of work. I can edit them to fit my company design. Really really pleased with them. I would 100% recommend buying them. Thanks so much. – Amy Atkins – 26 Jan 2016

“I just wanted to thank you for the WONDERFUL forms ! It is everything that I could possibly need for my gym. I am very happy with my purchase, and I will always recommend you in the future. Please put me on your email list with any other gym related products! – Mark Jarrell” 10 Mar 2015

“These are great! I was about to type all this stuff out, well not the half of it you’ve really got it all here and some great advice as well, the best money I’ve spent well worth every penny, nice one. Cheers” – Eddie – 5 Sep 2010

Learn the most important techniques to market your personal training business

Gain my years of trial and error experience without having to fail over and over again.

Gradually, year by year, I got better and better, I read books on marketing, on web site design, wrote my own personal trainer business forms, created templates, and now have a great set of business tools that I and many of my fellow colleagues would not be without. Some things worked, some attempts failed miserably, but I tweaked and tweaked until it all came together. I don’t think you want to go through all that, like I had to, do you?

 ”Thanks, I have exactly what I need and some great ideas about how to think about and grow my business I had not even considered.” – Jonathon – 28 Apr 2011

“That is great, thanks very much I downloaded open office there and it works well. The templates are very well done and very professional. Thanks again for a great product” – Stephen – 11 Jun 2009

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I offer this personal trainer business forms and templates pack to you now, together with my insights into marketing your personal training products and services. These have taken years of sweat equity to create, and can be yours to slot into your business, to pull out at will, to get the job done and impress clients with your professionalism. You can get an immediate download and get on track right now with increased confidence in the business side of your personal training.

“Firstly, thank you for creating these documents. They will undoubtedly save me a lot of time. I’m just starting out as a PT and I was dreading having to type up all those forms.” – Richard – 19th June 2010.

Why should I buy?

The purpose of these personal trainer business forms is to help you to run your business more efficiently, and professionally, and capture more clients and sales! These personal trainer business documents will help you over-deliver on quality, to differentiate you from all the other personal trainers in your area, with the end goal of increasing the number of clients you have and what you can charge your current and future clients. Implementing just one or two of the ideas in the personal trainer business documents pack can recoup the investment in just a couple of weeks, maybe less! Think about it, if you were able to gain just one more client by using these personal trainer business templates and marketing ideas, how many training sessions would they buy from you per year? Add up the money this will have created for you over the course of just one year! Now repeat and repeat and repeat!

Work Smarter, Make Your Job Easier, and Increase Your Income!

Why would you waste your own time on designing your own personal trainer business forms, when you can customize these, simply and easily? Your time is valuable; you want to be out there working with your clients! Click the orange “Buy now” button for immediate download… catapult your PT business to the next level!

Don’t Tolerate Rip-Off Copies

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Compatible with USA / CAN / UK / AUS / NZ / or anywhere in the world. All personal trainer business forms are in standard Microsoft Word/Excel etc formats. They can be opened on an Apple Mac based computer with iWorks or Microsoft Office for Mac. The documents can also be opened with a free office software such as OpenOffice or LibreOffice. Purchase in your own currency: PayPal will convert the value to your own native currency securely. With these personal trainer business documents you can quickly build a system around you to gain a turn-key operation in very little time!

Learn the Secrets of an Established Personal Trainer

With these resources, a trainer can start gaining more clients or be in business in a matter of days with the How-To guide. Many personal trainers fail when branching out to run their own businesses; not because they don’t know how to train clients, but because they don’t understand the other crucial aspects of running a successful personal training business. Whether you are new to personal fitness training, or have been training for years, these documents are tried and tested, therefore guaranteed to make you more efficient, increase your number of clients and increase your income! Find out what’s included in this great product.

These Forms are Proven To Work

I have developed these documents from my work as a personal trainer, gaining experience, gathering information and adapting it to my needs. I use them every day. Friends of mine and trainers who have bought them find them absolutely vital to the success of their businesses, I’m confident you will too, just see feedback below! But don’t take my word for it, read the feedback from happy customers I have a First Class degree in Sport and Exercise Science, am a certified Gym Instructor, Personal Trainer, Physical Education Teacher, and have been in the fitness industry for over 10 years… I know what I’m talking about! Buy now to give your business a kick-start!

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